Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you or a family member has been charged with a criminal offense, the consequences of a conviction can have far-reaching ramifications. In addition to jail time, a criminal conviction may result in the loss of a professional license or not being admitted to certain graduate programs, deportation and being barred from entering into certain countries such as Canada or Japan. In addition, certain offense may lead to public humiliation via. lifetime registration on the sexual offender registry or the ability to petition for a foreign fiancé.The Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Law Offices of Sean Lewis, PLLC take a holistic approach to Tennessee criminal defense by considering all the consequences of a plea of guilty or conviction. We actively engage the prosecutor to minimize collateral consequences of crime to our clients and families by seeking plea offers that will not lead to a lifetime of harsh consequences. If we cannot obtain an agreeable plea offer, we are fully prepared to defend our clients before a jury.


Whether you are faced with a conviction for DUI, a drug crime, violent crime, domestic violence, sex crime, we can successfully defend you.


College Students & DUI

We take particular care in defending university students who face particular risks of being unable
to achieve educational goals and professional aspirations. We have represented a vast clientele of students from:
• Vanderbilt University
• Belmont University
• Fisk University
• University of Tennessee
• University of Memphis
• Columbia State

“Crimmigration” and ‘Safe Haven” Pleas

The Nashville Criminal Defense Attorneys at our office have many years of experience analyzing the complex immigration consequences of crime and seeking alternative criminal dispositions that do not harm our clients. Always remember that the ‘quick and easy’ offer from the DA Office may be the biggest mistake one could ever make. We seek to avoid the harm before it ever happens. We also handle Tennessee post-conviction cases where criminal defense attorneys have negligently advised, or failed to advise immigrant clients of the deportation and other immigration consequences of pleading guilty to crimes. The consequences of deportation are usually way more severe than serving time in jail and often times could result in persecution, or even death.